How to calibrate the lens focus?

Entaniya 360 VR shooting equipment and 3D stereo 180 VR shooting equipment use modified GoPro (Back-Bone) to install our lens.

The modified GoPro is a specification that allows you to detach the lens freely, so you need to adjust the focus manually.

We have adjusted the focus at our company and we ship, but if you purchased only the lens and purchase the cameras from others, you need to focus the lens by yourself.

Also, even with cameras with focus adjustment at our company, since the focus may be slightly faded while using it, we recommend that you adjust it periodically.

How to calibrate the lens focus?

1.Please connect the camera and a monitor with a HDMI cable. It can not be confirmed whether the focus is correct because the camera’s LCD monitor is too small.

2.Loosen the screws in the red mount adapter by half.

3.Turn the lens slowly left or right to adjust the focus

4.Please fix the lens by tightening the screws if the focus is good. In this case, At this time, since the lens may shift, hold the red ring and the lens together.


Check with a large monitor

● Use Focus Chart

● Turn the lens slowly

● Calibrate with the shooting distance. Calibrate at 50 cm if the subject is 50 cm.

● Hold the lens and the red mount adapter and tighten the screws

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