Super-Wide Image Videos(Anamorfish)

The example above uses RE: Lens, a video production software plug-in that compensates for the distortion of images shot with a 250 ° fisheye lens, to create a 2.35: 1 cinemascope size.

From fish-eye images to super-wide images(Anamorfish)

By correcting the distortion of the image taken with the fisheye lens, as in stretching the image taken with the anamorphic lens and converting it into a wide image, we can create a super-wide image(Anamorfish) that cannot be captured with conventional imaging equipment.
This is a new image creation method that can only be achieved shooting with a super wide-angle fisheye lens.

How to remove the fisheye distortion(RE:Lens)

You can convert a fish-eye image to a super-wide image with RE: Lens, a plug-in for video production software.
This method is one of many. You can correct distortion more by using video software such as Nuke.