Entaniya Fisheye HAL 250

Entaniya Fisheye HAL 250 is 250 degrees super-wide fisheye lens.
The lens is good for high-quality VR shooting and a full-dome movie with cinema cameras and industrial cameras. Of course, the lenses are used to capture the world at once with one camera.


产品 F数 最短焦点距离 直径 重量 视野 卡口类型 价格(不含税) 详细信息
2.3mm F2.8(可更换) 0.06m 120mm 1.6kg H:250° V:190°
MFT 388,000日元〜
3.0mm F2.8 (可更换) 0.11m 120mm 1.6kg H:250° V:250°
(Super35mm / MicroFourThirds)
MFT / E / C 388,000日元〜
3.6mm F2.8(可更换) 0.15m 120mm 1.6kg H:250° V:210°
MFT / E / C 388,000日元〜
4.3mm F4.0 (可更换) 0.15m 120mm 1.8kg H:250° V:180°
EF / E 1,040,000日元〜
6.0mm F5.6(可更换) 0.21m 120mm 2.0kg H:250° V:120°
EF / E 1,117,500日元〜

*为了让Entaniya Fisheye 250 MFT 2.3 和 Entaniya Fisheye 250 M 3.0 尺寸紧凑, 镜头的后部有凸起设计,这可能导致像OLYMPUS OM-D E-M5(Mark1), OLYMPUS PEN E-PL6/E-PL5 和 OLYMPUS PEN E-PM1/E-PM2等相机由于图像传感器的原因而无法安装镜头。如果您有任何问题,欢迎与我们联系。
当给RED DSMC2安装镜头时,你需要一个EF卡口专用的安装面板,并且请您取下传感器前的滤镜,Entaniya Fisheye HAL 250 有一个和 RED 类似的滤镜。
当给Blackmagic URSA mini 4.6K安装镜头时, 你需要取下传感器前EF卡口用的红外截止滤镜。



250° Fisheye lens

When using a fisheye lens with a wide 250° field of view, it’s possible to shoot One-Shot VR with a one single lens.

More information about One-Shot VR  

Extremely high quality

When shooting with a wide lens, there are often issues like vignetting or chromatic aberration. However, with Entaniya Fisheye HAL250 these issues are reduced to a minimum.

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8K Ready

Entaniya Fisheye HAL250 shows its true value by taking sharp, high resolution pictures even with a 8K camera. It’s perfect for shooting VR in 8K.

8K Sample 



back lens, Entaniya Fisheye HAL will be suitable for a camera with adjustable image circle.





Compatibility System

For VR Shooting

Cinematic VR

Entaniya Fisheye HAL 250 makes this possible: it’s the first and only fisheye lens developed for shooting VR with a high-end camera.
60fps, 8K filming, shooting in the dark, film making… This lens makes all the professional VR creators’ dreams come true.

Sony CineAlta VENICE Sample

High image quality VR Sample

True 8K Quality

With Entaniya Fisheye HAL250 you can take extremely sharp 8K footage in high resolution.

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VR in the dark

You can shoot in dark places where you couldn’t shoot with most of the VR cameras. You will get stunning high resolution VR photos with low noise even in the dark!

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360VR Work Flow

Accessories(selling separately)

360VR Rig

By placing cameras vertically and horizontally, you can create 360VR videos.

More information about 360VR Rig  

360VR Stand

By first taking video of the front and then moving on to shoot the back.

More information about 360 VR Stand 

Safety Ring

The Safety Ring is able to pass the string through the hole on the reinforcement part.

More information about safety ring 


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